Thursday, November 21, 2013

How do you want your next five years to be ?
do you wanna have a lot of car ? a mansion ?
do you wanna go somewhere else?do you wanna travel the world?
do you wanna get married?and have kids ?
do you wanna be  promoted in your job?
do you wanna get million dollars?

 When i was asked how do i want my next five years to be ? , i simply answer , i just wanted to be alive and continue living, i wanted to create new happiness, keep the old ones,catch my dreams and be contented on what i got  .being alive and continue living  means.basically  i wanted to get married,wear long beautiful gown,and have lots and lots of kids,i wanted to get married but most importantly i wanted to be a Wife and a Mother, i wanted to have a car,a brand new one,but its never important for me having a lot , just having one that can bring me and my family to any places we want to, i wanted to have my own house ,with a Big beautiful kitchen, and a stunning Garden ,  but never wanted to have a mansion,  rather i dreamed having a Home,.., i wanna go somewhere else with someone i love, i wanna travel the world and see breathtaking places , i never dream of being promoted in my Job , instead i wanted to have my own Business, where i dont have to be the staff , and rather be the Boss,i never dream having bank accounts or million dollars, i just need money i can spend while i am alive.

Fulfilling your dreams and being contented in your life is Happiness,

xx, karuray ligaya ♥
At some point , you've just got to jump
you've got to quit being scared of the "what if's" and the" maybe's"
and just fucking jump, quit thinking of what other people might comment
quit cheating yourself out of the best thing that could ever happen 
to you, and just fall, fall hard, fall long 
and fall forever ..

Friday, October 18, 2013

Respect Observation

Ilang beses mo ng narinig sa tanan ng buhay mo ang mga katagang ito ? “mas matanda sya sayo , kaya igalang mo”.as far as I am concerned respect cannot be  measured by how old you are existing in this world , because not all the people older than you deserves to be respected !,at kapag mas bata ka hindi ka na rerespetuhin ganon ?less respect ?I grew up hearing this line and it really annoys me , whenever I have to defend myself  from someone , who did wrong and really offended me , people will say , hey respect him he’s older than you” or “could you just please shut up? Kahit pa mali sya mas matanda sya sayo !”igalang mo!see ,no matter how rude that person is to you, kapag mas matanda hindi ka pwede pumalag ? ,as if talo ka na kasi nga ikaw 20 palang sya 40 na? More experience? bakit ? Bakit ? “MAS MATANDA?” mas nauna nyang nakita ang estatwa ni jose rizal sa luneta kesa sayo ?that’s totally inhuman ! for me that’s so unfair, remember that we are all straight and everyone ; ke bata ,matanda ,ka edad should be treated fairly.

If you are fighting for what is right ,  if you are fighting for your RIGHTS , you don’t have to be afraid of  defending yourself regardless of whether that person is much older than you ,much richer or whatever. God Created Human Fairly, then live fairly.

if you are a boss,of course you are respected by your staff ,if you're a mother or a father you are respected by your children , if you are the president you are respected by your countrymen that's something involuntary, BUT if you want that thing to be continuously present, if you want to be respected for life ; then be good and do your job and respect others as much as you want to be respected !  Well I am not talking about the "word" in general, because of course each and every one of us should be respected in any way, but in the same sense and the point is  if you want to be respected , then learn also learn how to respect others, keep in mind that respect is not imposed, you cannot force someone to respect you, but it is rather GAINED..


#inspired by someone who never respect me simply because i am younger .

  “ When  I talk to a farmer, I talk like a farmer , when I talk to a lawyer , I talk like a lawyer , when I talk to a prisoner , I’ll talk like a prisoner ,when i talk to an angel , i talk like an angel and when I talk to a killer , I might end up in jail“

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hello Paradise : BORACAY

Sa Kamay ng Pagibig

Paano ba malalaman pag inlove ka na nga ?how do you know that this is it?how do you know when finally someone unlocked your heart?
INlove na ba ako ?

Karuray ligaya says :

You’re inlove if  :

1) the first and the last thing comes in your mind each time you go to bed and each time you wake up is him/her.

2) you are Jealous , jealous in a good way ,  you doesn’t want to see him with another girl. Everybody knows too much jealousy is one form of possessiveness, but sometimes jealousy is one good sign of being inlove.

3)you wanted to talk to him/her all day long , endless conversations , you wanted to be updated what’s happening on her life every single min. your day can never be complete without each other.

4) you are willing to do everything , without him asking for it , without her demanding for something, you have that initiative to do everything just to keep that person in your life. thats  definitely love.

5) building dreams  together with that person where you want your next ten , twenty or even the next hundred years of your life to be with that person , a day without him makes you so terrible.

6) you become a better person, when love finally arrives youll see the beauty of life. you care , you care for everything , you wanted to take care of him/her always. you just care.

7) you wanted to see him all day, you want to be with him the soonest possible time,to quote a line from a movie” when you met the person you wanted to share your life with , you’d want the rest of your life to begin immediately, because not spending the time with the one you love feels like a lifetime”

8) Happiness,you don’t know why ?, YOU ARE JUST HAPPY , when you think of him / her you suddenly caught yourself smiling with no reason at all. Just thoughts of that person can make your day oh so sweet .because indeed Love brings joy.

9) Inspiration , the one you chooses to be with you In every step of the way inspires you to be someone better than ever before, he brings out the best in you, she can make you do things you are afraid to do for the longest of time.

10) with that person ,you become someone else ,  you become a person in your parallel world , imagine becoming a cook when you’re not ? Imagine being responsible when you barely save money ?, imagine being a happy go lucky without thinking what’s right and what’s wrong - to someone mature enough to do only the right thing ! when you met that person everything changes , it’s not about being a good cook or money at all ,but the fact that you consider his/her perspective and opinions  in life that’s absolutely LOVE .

 Thers no better words to describe love ,  but as soon as you feel it , that feeling can change your life forever , fireworks, butterflies , colors , you’ll see all the things in such a wonderful way .we can never say how long it’s going to last, but we are hoping,  we want to keep the feeling for the rest of our lives.

and when you feel it , as soon as you have it , keep it ,
fall in love, fall so hard,love as deep as the sea, love like never before , love as wide as the universe,endless... infinite.

karuray ligaya ♥

Friday, September 6, 2013

and finally i twist my heart round again,finally someone made me realize that better things can happen,finally someone made me realize that doing the right thing and being happy at the same time are not really expensive .finally i met someone who can turn my world up side down, without me dropping everything, finally something really wonderful happened in my life.

i want you to take my hand . take me to paradise with you...<3

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I woke up with his name in my mind, and now i'll be sleeping ,still with his name ..but this time in my heart ♥

Monday, August 12, 2013

what would you want to say to someone who hurt you?

down into the depths of my soul ...
and with all my heart
i Forgive you ..

you don't have to be in-love ,in writing things about love , i guess you just gotta have someone who inspire you.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Seriously,BE PROUD

This insecurity  kills ;

Have you ever been in a situation, where you are so down, and you question almost everything in your life that seems to be imperfect, things that gives you headache and stress., these insecurities formed by nature, media, and people around you, these things that you knew perfectly beautiful to others but to you apparently not, if you do , then you are insecure , insecure to yourself,
 that sucks , that even kills you mentally and emotionally, well let me share with you one of the thoughts I got from a random quote I saw  from someone’s shirt  “BE HAPPY OF WHAT YOU GOT”, and yes indeed , be happy and… Just be happy,

 if you don’t have slim body , like what Victoria secrets models have , YOU ARE STILL SEXY, seriously eat whatever you want, you are still sexy ,if you are worried no one might like you , no one might ask you out, and date you , seriously those who will ask you out , is absolutely a prince, they will look at you for what you are, and not for what looks you’ve got.

If you think you are too old to do this , to do that , remember age is just a number ,I can learn swing even when im 60, tell yourself I can learn how to play piano even when im 40, I can do whatever I want  , I don’t care.
If you don’t have a car , if your savings  doesn’t meet her expectations ; then leave , you don’t have to prove anything for her to like you , after all you can earn what she ask for , but she , she  never  deserve to have you .
Is you are small, be proud , if you are too big , BE MORE PROUD,
If you can’t sing , SING It out Loud , yes sing like a pro, sing everywhere ,anywhere
If you want to dance , but you can’t ,then be someone else,sing ! , if you can’t then STILL DANCE ,dance like no one is looking at you , like thers no tomorrow,
If you don’t have that pointed nose , stand straight and say “yan ay dahil ,PINOY AKO !” atleast be proud of your ethnicity
If you have scars on your leg : wear shorts , wear minis don’t have to cover those, be proud and say “these are my coin collection” haha- oww you must be so rich :D
If you have that thick eyebrows, very pouty lips and, wow you must be very lucky beautiful , others needs to spent money to re-form those.
If your hair doesn’t fall down so well ,if it doesn’t go the way like on how in shampoo commercial girls hair does,seriously stop going to saloon every week , stop browsing the latest hair trend of kim chui ,or whoever, be proud because you don’t have to have a beautiful hair to look awesome , because you already are.
If you are not so stylish , if you can’t afford to buy those fancy dresses, wear your old  sneakers , shirt and a pair of jeans, because you don’t have to wear the most expensive dress to be a beauty queen , as long as you are comfortable you are Beautiful.
If you don’t have white skin ,If you have darker skin than everyone else, wear orange and  Be proud, seriously, stop buying those expensive soaps and lotions, those were chemicals ,believe me spent those money for somethin else buy FOOD !, Be Proud because God didn’t cook everyone so well, Haha
if you can’t afford to buy the latest gadget or the most expensive bag everyone has, then use the old ones , create new trend ,never ever follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you .
if you think you are too ugly for someone , Please be reminded you ARE So Beautiful to somebody else.

If you don’t believe it , You are amazing
If you don’t want to hear it , you are wonderful
When no one else say this : you are Fantastic!
When you never heard this : you are Great
And If you still don’t know, YOU ARE so BEAUTIFUL

 Karuray Ligaya xoxoxoxo

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Article 101 - BAKIT NGA BA MAHAL KITA ; Ngunit ...

Mahal kita , at gusto kong  ipag sigawan sa Mundo na mahal na mahal kita NGUNIT …

Ngunit, subalit, datapwat bagkus..
At ang sigaw ng mga taong litong lito , gulong gulo , at nangangailangan ng malinaw pa sa Wilkins distilled drinking water na sagot  ; BAKEETTTTTTTTTTTT !

Masyado akong inspirado , Sa dami ng kaibigan kong naghinge na ng payo, nag kwento at nag labas ng sama ng loob , tungkol sa pagkalito , pag ka gulo at pagkabaliw nila sa mga taong nagbigay ng kalituhan sa buhay nila kung bakit hanggang ngayon hindi sila mapangatawanan ng mga taong ; una ng nagsabing “Mahal Sana kita Ngunit…”

Karamihan sa mga taong nalagay na nga sa alanganin ay iisa lang ang tanong ..


Isa isahin natin ang dahilan :

Mahal Kita Ngunit :

1) Masyado pa kong Bata para pumasok sa relasyon -> e hanggang kelan ka ba nya aantayin pag lumabas na yung card mo ng senior citizen ?
-Masyado akong matanda para sayo, you deserve someone your age –>marunong ka pa sa kanya , e ikaw nga mahal nya eh !
- Hindi pa ko ready pumasok sa relationship , Baka masaktan ka lang -> Shabu pa !, hindi mo pala kaya , pero mahal mo sya , SHABU PA !

2)  Hindi kasi tayo bagay Mayaman ka , Mahirap lang ako(Langit ka at lupa lang ako !) -> ayaw mo nun ? , hindi mo na kailangang magtrabaho package na yan oi ! o baka naman talag gusto mo lang maglaro ng langit lupa?

3) Masyado kang maganda/Gwapo para sakin -> Mas pangit ka na nga Choosy ka pa eh noh ?

4)  Strict kasi ang parents ko , saka na daw pag graduate na ko -> Pag Graduate ka na  kasal na sya !

5) Hindi ko pa kasi sya maiwan ,pero mahal na rin kita -> Ayos ah ano ka nanalo na sa lotto , gusto mo pa pati sa jueteng , ang gwapo mo ah , Utang ng Loob MAMILI KA NA !.kung hindi mo kayang mamili , magpakamatay ka na.

6) Hindi ko alam pero , this isn’t right ->  Hindi mo nga alam , tapos this isn’t right ? , gaguhan ba to ?
-) I find it so physically Awkward -> ay taray e! BIG WORD !.andami mong alam, kung insecure ka sa sarili mo wag mo sya idamay , dahil sya mahal ka lang nya  , sabi nga magpapantay din naman kayo sa kama , LOL
- I want you to be Happy->Sinabi mong mahal mo sya , nahulog sya sayo , at ngayon iiwan mo sya ,? Anung kagaguhan ang pag sasabi ng I want you to be happy , kungiiwan mo sya after all ?Billy Crawford ikaw ba  yan ?

7)  Natatakot ako baka pag sinabi ko , Mareject lang ako ->ay  walang masama sa pag tra-try ! , ikaw nga araw araw  umaasa sa Lotto , sa pag ibig pa kaya .DUWAG !..

8) Ayaw ko kasing masira ang pag kakaibigan natin -> bakit masisisra? , Lelevel up nga eh , ayaw nyo nun , may benefits na ..LOL

9) Natatakot kasi ako , baka saktan mo lang ako, Lokohin at Iwan -> well hindi natin masisisi yung iba , pero Its worth the risk , Malay mo diba mag work , EDI SAYANG !

10) Kasal pa ko sa kanya -> ay Tangina mo ! Salawahan !
- Mahal ko rin kasi sya ->  Mamatay ka na !

So what am I saying ?Maliban sa number 10, wala akong nakikitang dahilan kung bakit may mga taong hanggang ngayon , patuloy na nagpapaasa, Nagbibigay sakit ng ulo at dilemma , sa mga taong pinaibig nila , pero hindi nila kayang  pangatwanan ,kung mahal mo ang isang tao , hindi handlang  ang HITSURA , EDAD, kataasan sa buhay at kung ano ano pa , naniniwala ako na ang pag mamahal ay isang bagay na hindi naghihitay , dahil hindi mo sasayangin ang bawat oras na wala sya , at hindi ka mabubuhay ng isang araw ng wala sya , kalokohan ang pag sasabi ng mahal kita kaya , kaya kong mag hintay kahit pa sa dulo ng walang hanggang, gago e di hindi na kayo nagsama ? anu yung guniguning pagibig?, at hindi tumitingin sa kung ano pang dahilan , walang ngunit ngunit , walang bakit bakit ,Kung mahal mo ang isang tao Be Proud and say it to the world !.
At kung hindi naman , mainam lang na bigyan ng closure lahat ng bagay , para walang umaasa, at walang luluha sa huli . Tama?

Lakas ko maka article ng ganito , ako nga di makasabi ..haha

Karuray ligaya,
Inspired by :
bitterness 2013 

I'm very definitely a woman and I enjoy it.

I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.- Audrey Hepburn

Friday, August 9, 2013

if i am going to be a wife

If I am going to be a wife, I’ll be a good one,
I need to learn everything, from day 1 to each and  every day of our lives
I will learn how to cook and prepare things for him,
My husband will be the luckiest guy in the world; every day will be the most wonderful days of his life,
I’ll make sure that every morning, he’s got he’s coffee as warm as my love
I will kiss him in the forehead, each time he’s headed to work, as a sign of a great day ahead,
While I will save those kisses in his lips, when he comes back.
I will never get tired massaging, when his back aches,
Every Sunday will be our day; we will go out and date
Like it’s the first time.

when he is having a bad day
When no one listen to him, when everyone is against him ,
i will hug him tight , and I will make him reminded that no matter how fucked up he is outside,
There will always be someone waiting for him,  who will understand,
Who will listen, and will never turn her back , when everyone does,

When he is sick , I’ll be his doctor,
When he is confused and in doubt I’ll be he’s adviser
When is in trouble I’ll be his prosecutor
I’ll do my duties beyond on what I have promised
But most importantly I’ll be his very best friend.

And when he is doing something and fail,
I will always be there to say “honey you did great!”
I will always be proud of him,
I will always be there up to his success,
I promise I will never leave

I will fill our home, with lots of photographs
To remind us on how great our lives together,
I am not domesticated women, but it’s going to be a pleasure washing his clothes,
Preparing his breakfast up to his supper,
I’ll be happy to serve him all day with love.

If I am going to be a wife,
I want my husband to look at the world, on how I looked at it, parallel, wonderful and easy
In this way, we live a happy life, with no worries,
we might fight for little things, or even the Big One’s
But, there will be no problem that won’t be fixed, before the day ends.
No matter how difficult it is.
There will be no dull moments,,
Every day is as precious as our wedding day
The only tear that will shed, will be tears of Joy.

We will be family to each other’s family,
He’s friends will also be my friends,
He doesn't have to look at others because I’ll be the most beautiful wife in the world,

He will never ever ask for more, there will be no regrets, because I’ll make sure that he got everything he ask for,
 I am going to treat him like a king, for I know I am going to be his one and only Queen,

As the time pass by , as we grow older,
As Our hair turns gray, and even if he gets bald,
When the wrinkles strike our foreheads
When photographs fade
When everything gets old.
I promise my love will always be as good as new,
I promise to be the wife he asked for
And I promise to be the women , he wanted to share his life with forever…

Friday, August 2, 2013



Ano ang mga kalimitan dahilan ng break up : kawalan ng tiwala ?, pagtaba?, ka-landian , babaero? kawalan ng gana ?, anu pa man  ang dahilan , iisa lang ang punto , IIWAN KA !, oo bukas magisa ka nalang , wala ng magdadala ng bag mo , wala ng magtetetxt ng kumain ka na ba ?o baka mapagod ka ha ? bukas iiyak ka at mag yayaya ng inuman,aalis at kokontakin lahat ng kakilala mong Hasler sa pagpapayo, at kahit hindi ka naman nawala !hahanapin mo din ang sarili mo,. ?dahil inspired ako sa pag bre-break ni Billy at Nikki , bumalik sa mga alaala ko ang mga salita na nananalaytay sa taong mahilig makipag laro ;

It's not you Its me - siret na putcha naman , sana una palang sinabi mo pinoy henyo pala to
Napag isip isip ko , hindi pa pala ako ready  - e di sana nag training ka muna tontah

Kung talagang tayo kahit saaang sulok ng Mundo,maghiwalay man tayo, tayo pa din sa huli -anak ng kalyo naman o , kung  maghihiwalay tayo ngayon hindi na tayo magkikita pang muli kasi ang bilog walng sulok !

I need to find myself , im so confused : tulungan kita mag hanap,bekie ka na nga bobo pa.

I think i am not Happy Anymore :  e clown pala hanap mo sana sinabi mo nung una palang.

Pagod na kasi ako ,! pagod na pagod ! : ikaw ba naman mag jogging ng tangahaling tapat eh .

Immature ka , too young for me  : anung kagaguhan to ? Sino gusto mo lola ko ?

i just realized i still love my ex : paksyet ka , ako ang unang jowa mo wag kang sinungaling !asa

i am not ready to be attached : ayaw ayaw , kaya pala nag yaya mag sogo.

I love you , but i need to do this ? : wag ka ngang gago kung mahal mo ko hindi mo ko iiwan , pwera nalang kung you need to kill yourself.

Mahal kita , pero  mahal ko din sya  : sabay sabay tayong kumanta sana dalawa ang puso ko"♪♫ tatluhin mo na baka may makita ka pa , SAYAng!

I need Space : e di sana nag astronaut ka .

Aminin .. isa sa mga linyang yan , nasabi na mo na o nasabi na sayo , Payo lang , kung ayaw mong makarinig nga mga ganitong salita, MAGING CHOOOSY !, pumili ng taong alam mo na kahit kailan hindi ka iiwan at higit sa lahat totoong Mahal ka , dahil kahit kailan ang taong mahal ka Hinding hindi ka iiwan .TAMA?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

lets just pretend we don't see each other , and pretend we don't care, 
i'll pretend i don't miss you 
I'll pretend i don't love you, when everyday so much i DO.

Friday, July 26, 2013

“ pag nagmahal ka , magtira ka para sa sarili mo”

Sabi sa kanta “too much love will kill you”, pero nakapagtataka na hanggang ngayon buhay pa ako . bakit? Siguro kasi yung buong buhay ko wala na kong ginawa kung ang magmahal ng lubos , mula sa Diyos,pamilya , hanggang sa huling balat ng kendi na kinain ko mahal ko , mahal ko lahat !kaya immune na immune na ako . madali akong ma-attach sa isang bagay , siguro ganun talaga pag ka sentimental kang tao, ikaw lagi yung nagmamahal  ng lubos kesa dun sa counterpart mo ,ako yun ! akong ako , kaya minsan sa sobrang taas ng pagmamahal ko sa isang tao , ganun din kataas yung huhulugan ko kapag ako nasaktan , SOBRANG SAKIT, yun ang bagay na alam kong kadikit na /kasunod na, parang matik na ba .. pero ako kahit ilang beses na kong Umakyat  ng napakataas , Nahulog ng napakataas at nasaktan ng napakasakit , hindi parin ako tumitigil , sabi nga ,”commiting mistake once is ok , but twice youre an ass” wala akong pakialam kahit magmuka pa kong Ass, kasi para sakin hindi mistake ang pag ibig ,kahit kelan hindi isang pagkakamali ang pagmamahal ,siguro sa ibang bagay pwede pa, pero pagdating kasi sa Feelings iba na e,when I said feelings I mean feeling of being inlove . ibang iba , kahit alam mong mali , kahit alam mong isusugal mo lahat ng emotion mo , parte ng katawan , pera , oras isusugal mo bawat Segundo ng buhay mo , goh ka pa din , bakit? Kasi nagmamahal ka . sa lahat ng feeling na mararamdaman mo sa buong buhay mo , yung pag ibig ang hindi mo macocontrol, kasi pag yan dumating at dumapo sayo, parang kanser hindi mo mapipigilan lala-la , unti unting kakainin yung laman loob mo , utak puso isama mo na yug ATAY,

Ang pagmamahal ng sobra ay parang pag kain ng chocolate , sobrang sarap pero pag sumobra hindi lang diabetes, pagtaba, pagkasira ng ngipin at marami pang ibang sakit ang makukuha mo pag nasobrahan ka, very mainstream at gas gas na pero totoo siguro yung laging payo ng mama ,papa , tiyahin , kapatid,bespren,kaopismate,pari,boss,at yung mga taong pinagkwentuhan mo na ng lablife mo na palaging pumapalpak: “ pag nagmahal ka , magtira ka para sa sarili mo” .

Stages of being  Inlab (in the wrong way)

1) stage 1- mahal mo sya,gusto mo sya lagging katext ,kausap at pagnikikita mo sya walang paglagyan ang kasayahan mo, sa kanya umiikot ang mundo mo .alam mo na mahal ka din nya ,magpapaksal kayo at habang buhay magsasama,.

2)Stage 2 –Mahal na mahal mo sya , dito na dumarating yung pagseselos ng pakonti konti ,hindi mo lang sya gustong laging makausap , gusto mo din syang laging kayakap , kahit hindi pa kayo kasal ibibigay mo na ang sarili mo !oo ganun katindi kahit stage 2 palang.

3) Stage 3 – o mini paranoia, hindi lang selos kundi poot yung nararamdaman mo pag nakita mong may kausap syang iba – TAKE NOTE : Kausap lang ha , pero sa paningin mo nagsesex na sila.dito din pumapasok yung linyang,”lahat hahamakin para lang sa iyo mahal ko” totoo yan . hindi na kailangang ielaborate pa.

4)Stage 4 – sa sobrang pagmamahal mo sa kanya , kahit anong pagkakamali ang gawin nya sayo , kahit na ilang beses ka pang masaktan anjan lka parin handa syang patawarin , pwede din tawaging “NUMBNESS stage “ o martir ka na .pwede ka ng sabitan ng sampaguita at tayuan ng rebulto,sa sobrang kadakilaan mo.PWEDE ka ng SAMBAHIN !

5)Stage 5- mini Malignant- konting konti nalang  BALIW ka na .Obsess kung baga ! yung kulang nalang igapos mo sya , ikulong  at lagyan ng super glue yung mga kamay nyong dalawa para sayong sayo na sya.yung tipong kahit alam mong isa ka nalang na nagmamahal go parin ,kahit ano gagawin mo para mapunan yung gusto at pangangailangan nya ,kahit na magpakababa ,at lokohin mo na pati sarili mo mahal mo parin, in short Diyos mo na sya.

LAST STAGE –Stage 6 : idadaan ko nalang sa example
(girl baliw version)
Tonyo : hon may inuman kami .
Bebang:san ? bakit?
Tonyo: jan lang sa may malapit na bar,birthday ng office mate ko
Bebang: may babae ?
Tonyo: meron tatlo pero office mate ko lang
Bebang: (in renz verano voice) SASAMA AKO.]
Tonyo: pero hon kasi office mate lang
Bebang : SASAMA AKO !
Tonyo: heto nanaman tayo.matagal na kong nasasakal sayo, ayoko na ng ganito,gusto ko ng makipaghiwalay.
Bebang: Hindi !(in renz verano birit voice)
BEBANg : MAGPAPAKAMATAY AKO (in renz verano highest note voice)

Ganyan ang pag ibig , masarap , nakakainspire, nakakaganda ng araw ,nakakapagtama ng mga mali,pero pag sumobra, lintik mababaliw ka ,sisirain yung buhay mo hanggang sa wala ng matira .hanggang sa pati utak mo nakain na ,masarap mag mahal,masarap mahalin. Pero mas masarap kung ang pagmamahal sa isang tao , ay sasamahan muna ng pagmamahal sa sarili.

Yun lang♥♥♥

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Color Me

But the Sad thing about me being loved, always come and go,Love never stay ,just like the waves,perhaps i am always just  a chapter .


sa sobrang daming pick up lines ngayon wala na kong ibang maisip kundi ikaw , wow! naranasan mo na ba yung pakiramdam na parang lumulutang sa ulap ?laging masaya , laging may parang may piesta? yung lahat ng tignan mo maganda?, lahat ng gawin mong mali , TAMA? kung naramdaman mo na,naramdaman mo na ang feeling ng pagiging InLABS at   pag ikaw inlabs , kahit siguro basura , magagwan mo ng pick up line..

para ito sa mga taong araw araw inlove ,sa mga maiinlove palang , sa mga nagkakainlaban,sa mga baon na baon sa puso ng isat isa. , sa mga matagal ng inlove , sa mga walang pag asa sa mga ayaw paawat, sa mga adik sa Love,sa mga sinusumpa, mga nagsusumpaan, sa mga taong nabuhay sa pagibig, , para sa mga taong nagmamahal ...

ang Pagibig ko ay parang isang buong diksyunaryo , sobrang daming salita , pero IKAW lang ang tanging kailangan ko ..

IniiSMALL ka ba nila ?,hayaan mo iniiBIG  naman kita .....

Dati ang langka ,prutas lang , pero nung nakilala kita ang 
langka , naging  pag ibig ko sayo, LANGKAtapusan .

-ayoko na , ayoko na sakin , pwede ba sayo nalang ako ?

Sana bukas maliit na ako para kasya na ako jaN sa puso mo ..♥

Parang wala ako sa sarili ko , siguro na-sayo ako ?

pag wala ka, cool lang,  coolang ang araw ko ..

sana eroplano ka na lang at Airport naman ako. Para kahit anong mangyari sa akin pa rin ang landing mo.

Ang lovelife ko parang ikaw, kasi parang ikaw nalang kulang..


DOTA ka ba ? , kasi habang tumatagal lalo akong NAAADIK sayo.

Sana gitara ka na lang para habang kumakanta ako yakap yakap kita.♪♫

-Sa Tuwing nakikita kita , nakakakita ako ng MAPA , MApapangasawa

- kahit kalian hiNdi ako nagkaroon ng bisyo, pero nung makilala kita , hindi lang ako nagkabisyo , naADIK pa ako.

-para ka palang pagkabata ano ? , NAKAKAMISS

♥♥♥ Ibenta mo na yang Bahay mo at dito ka na tumira sa puso ko .

kung hindi ka pa marunong lumangoy , magaral ka na ..kasi malulunod ka sa pagibig ko.

Sawa ka na ba sa pagigiling ikaw?, bakit di mo subukang tayo nalang ?

-       Frappe , Latte, Cappuccino , amerikano , Barako , lahat yan masasarap , pero ang pinaka masarap na natikman ko , ay yung tuwing KAPEling kita .

Buko ka ba ? , Ikaw kasi ang BUhay KO ♥

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Something new

I want something new ,
want something different .i want new people in my life , I want to do somethings else
something I havent done before ,
I want to do things I will love or things I love for a long time , 
and havent got the chance to
i want to do things,i will never get tired of , even for the longest of time
even forever
I wanna be somebody else,
for I am never ordinary
for I never try to fit in
I want my voice to be heard ,
I want my ideas to be considered ,
I want to do things that will creat a big impact in the next generation
things that will live forever
things I am going to be proud of myself,
things that will make my family proud and everyone who knows me .
I wanted to do things that will make me happy and afterall get paid to 
something else..
i don't know what, but someth'n else.


Photo Diary (Drama)

Everyone is a mystery be fascinated

Happiness ,Love,Family,Dreams and all about Life, the perfect way to describe this Sunday , started the day listening to Bo Sanchez Words of Wisdom, and i just thought that this weeks topic is perfect for me, though i am not gonna elaborate word by word anymore,i just would  like to share thoughts i got first from the preach , and the other from the film ;

 "Everyone is a mystery be fascinated" each person you knew , is God's way of showing what your purpose in this world is ,each person who enters your life is a mystery, people met not only by chance but for a purpose .

"When you learn How to Die , You'll Learn How to live"perfect to describe what YOLO means ,  :actually i got this line first from the Book TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE, thesame as how the movie TUHOG Shows, Live Life to the fullest .


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013


And then there’s this guy, who made a difference, in her life
It’s so funny how he do extremely nothing at all, but in a very extraordinary way , he helped her move on
He never notices and she doesn’t know why.
But every time they talk, there’s an unexplainable feeling,
Awkward it may seems, but they both enjoy it
When she is totally pissed, thoughts of him save the moment!
Good thing , he never leave her mind
She gets inspired by him,
She misses him every time she doesn’t see him
She never gets insecure, but every time she see him talk to other girl
She gets jealous,
She remember everything
She remember the first time she saw him, the first time he saw her,
first hellos
The first Good Morning text.  up to the first Goodnights
The first phone call she got from him.
 The first time they talk , they walk , the first time he holds her ..
She always remember how he made her world turn up side down
That day they kiss., the perfect first kiss
He might forget but she will always remember that day when fireworks are present in the air
He said “I love you”
She’s got a crush with his lips, she is so attracted in his eyes , but..
When people ask why ? ,she simply  smile, and say “i don’t exactly know why “
She whisper , maybe this is just how wonderful things work out.
But then she thought , They are far from being a couple,
 less than lovers but more than a friend,
There are things unlearned, they sometimes doesn’t understand,
There are words left unspoken ,
Days pass by.
Some things change
Things might have been different now,
Their phones are not ringing anymore
Something’s gone, just  like an old guitar, lack with string.
Like a river with no swan, like a no shoes run ..
Incomplete and painful
But then she thought  ..
“somethings might be different now, but that feeling ,that unexplainable thing they have will always last forever..”



Love  is everywhere
But with Unspoken words …
Love usually exists  but do not live, 
 walk but never pass an inch,
just like a robot, 
a robot with no batteries
,Love  usually say a word but never speak,
 sing but never create a sound 
,Like a guitar with no string, 
or a drum with no stick 
,Life less , meaning less .
 We sometimes search for its existence
 , we sometimes ask
 ,I was dating since I was 15 
, where is he ?, is she at the mall ,
 does she wear a pink stilettos?
Is he a friend?, 
or a stranger I haven’t met ?
We all search for it ,
We all demand for a love that will never get tired,
a love that will understand and will never betray
 a love that will last a life time . 
some people found it , 
Some still searching for it 
Some doesn't know love exactly is in front of them 
,in every walk,IN EVERY TALK ,
 in every long  Jeepney ride ,in every smiles , 
or in every cries 
Love is everywhere 
in the neighbourhood, sitting at the bench , at the park , 
love is in every visit , 
in every gatherings, birthday parties , 
LOVE is surely there Love connects people ,
Love break the  rules , 
love makes us so stupid ,
Love makes us so intelligent ,
love gives hope love creates a new word, 
gives a new vowel ,
love writes a poem ,love makes a girl beautiful ,
love gives a little rain, and creates a rainbow, 
love arrives  in just a blink of an eye ,
love also vanish in just a snap.
love is selfish  ,love is foolish 
,love provokes , love forgives 
love correct mistakes ,
it gives us hundred reasons to smile ,
thousand reasons to cry ,and millions of reasons to live…
 it may come and go , it may stay for a long time ,
maybe just a visit ,temporary, 
maybe just one chapter of your life ,
but when love comes ,allow it to read 
every word .allow it to enter the deepest thoughts ,
to hold every breath, to capture every moment ,
to give melody to a song .allow it to enter your heart . 
love is everywhere ,
 you may not notice it,
your heart will be twisted , you will see fireworks ,butterflies in your tummy
snow in summer , day in the night will see yourself insane , smiling and crying at the same time ..and before you know it …you've found what you been searching for all your life ,

 Love ..