Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hello Paradise : BORACAY

Sa Kamay ng Pagibig

Paano ba malalaman pag inlove ka na nga ?how do you know that this is it?how do you know when finally someone unlocked your heart?
INlove na ba ako ?

Karuray ligaya says :

You’re inlove if  :

1) the first and the last thing comes in your mind each time you go to bed and each time you wake up is him/her.

2) you are Jealous , jealous in a good way ,  you doesn’t want to see him with another girl. Everybody knows too much jealousy is one form of possessiveness, but sometimes jealousy is one good sign of being inlove.

3)you wanted to talk to him/her all day long , endless conversations , you wanted to be updated what’s happening on her life every single min. your day can never be complete without each other.

4) you are willing to do everything , without him asking for it , without her demanding for something, you have that initiative to do everything just to keep that person in your life. thats  definitely love.

5) building dreams  together with that person where you want your next ten , twenty or even the next hundred years of your life to be with that person , a day without him makes you so terrible.

6) you become a better person, when love finally arrives youll see the beauty of life. you care , you care for everything , you wanted to take care of him/her always. you just care.

7) you wanted to see him all day, you want to be with him the soonest possible time,to quote a line from a movie” when you met the person you wanted to share your life with , you’d want the rest of your life to begin immediately, because not spending the time with the one you love feels like a lifetime”

8) Happiness,you don’t know why ?, YOU ARE JUST HAPPY , when you think of him / her you suddenly caught yourself smiling with no reason at all. Just thoughts of that person can make your day oh so sweet .because indeed Love brings joy.

9) Inspiration , the one you chooses to be with you In every step of the way inspires you to be someone better than ever before, he brings out the best in you, she can make you do things you are afraid to do for the longest of time.

10) with that person ,you become someone else ,  you become a person in your parallel world , imagine becoming a cook when you’re not ? Imagine being responsible when you barely save money ?, imagine being a happy go lucky without thinking what’s right and what’s wrong - to someone mature enough to do only the right thing ! when you met that person everything changes , it’s not about being a good cook or money at all ,but the fact that you consider his/her perspective and opinions  in life that’s absolutely LOVE .

 Thers no better words to describe love ,  but as soon as you feel it , that feeling can change your life forever , fireworks, butterflies , colors , you’ll see all the things in such a wonderful way .we can never say how long it’s going to last, but we are hoping,  we want to keep the feeling for the rest of our lives.

and when you feel it , as soon as you have it , keep it ,
fall in love, fall so hard,love as deep as the sea, love like never before , love as wide as the universe,endless... infinite.

karuray ligaya ♥

Friday, September 6, 2013

and finally i twist my heart round again,finally someone made me realize that better things can happen,finally someone made me realize that doing the right thing and being happy at the same time are not really expensive .finally i met someone who can turn my world up side down, without me dropping everything, finally something really wonderful happened in my life.

i want you to take my hand . take me to paradise with you...<3