Thursday, November 21, 2013

How do you want your next five years to be ?
do you wanna have a lot of car ? a mansion ?
do you wanna go somewhere else?do you wanna travel the world?
do you wanna get married?and have kids ?
do you wanna be  promoted in your job?
do you wanna get million dollars?

 When i was asked how do i want my next five years to be ? , i simply answer , i just wanted to be alive and continue living, i wanted to create new happiness, keep the old ones,catch my dreams and be contented on what i got  .being alive and continue living  means.basically  i wanted to get married,wear long beautiful gown,and have lots and lots of kids,i wanted to get married but most importantly i wanted to be a Wife and a Mother, i wanted to have a car,a brand new one,but its never important for me having a lot , just having one that can bring me and my family to any places we want to, i wanted to have my own house ,with a Big beautiful kitchen, and a stunning Garden ,  but never wanted to have a mansion,  rather i dreamed having a Home,.., i wanna go somewhere else with someone i love, i wanna travel the world and see breathtaking places , i never dream of being promoted in my Job , instead i wanted to have my own Business, where i dont have to be the staff , and rather be the Boss,i never dream having bank accounts or million dollars, i just need money i can spend while i am alive.

Fulfilling your dreams and being contented in your life is Happiness,

xx, karuray ligaya ♥

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