Thursday, November 21, 2013

How do you want your next five years to be ?
do you wanna have a lot of car ? a mansion ?
do you wanna go somewhere else?do you wanna travel the world?
do you wanna get married?and have kids ?
do you wanna be  promoted in your job?
do you wanna get million dollars?

 When i was asked how do i want my next five years to be ? , i simply answer , i just wanted to be alive and continue living, i wanted to create new happiness, keep the old ones,catch my dreams and be contented on what i got  .being alive and continue living  means.basically  i wanted to get married,wear long beautiful gown,and have lots and lots of kids,i wanted to get married but most importantly i wanted to be a Wife and a Mother, i wanted to have a car,a brand new one,but its never important for me having a lot , just having one that can bring me and my family to any places we want to, i wanted to have my own house ,with a Big beautiful kitchen, and a stunning Garden ,  but never wanted to have a mansion,  rather i dreamed having a Home,.., i wanna go somewhere else with someone i love, i wanna travel the world and see breathtaking places , i never dream of being promoted in my Job , instead i wanted to have my own Business, where i dont have to be the staff , and rather be the Boss,i never dream having bank accounts or million dollars, i just need money i can spend while i am alive.

Fulfilling your dreams and being contented in your life is Happiness,

xx, karuray ligaya ♥
At some point , you've just got to jump
you've got to quit being scared of the "what if's" and the" maybe's"
and just fucking jump, quit thinking of what other people might comment
quit cheating yourself out of the best thing that could ever happen 
to you, and just fall, fall hard, fall long 
and fall forever ..