Friday, October 18, 2013

Respect Observation

Ilang beses mo ng narinig sa tanan ng buhay mo ang mga katagang ito ? “mas matanda sya sayo , kaya igalang mo”.as far as I am concerned respect cannot be  measured by how old you are existing in this world , because not all the people older than you deserves to be respected !,at kapag mas bata ka hindi ka na rerespetuhin ganon ?less respect ?I grew up hearing this line and it really annoys me , whenever I have to defend myself  from someone , who did wrong and really offended me , people will say , hey respect him he’s older than you” or “could you just please shut up? Kahit pa mali sya mas matanda sya sayo !”igalang mo!see ,no matter how rude that person is to you, kapag mas matanda hindi ka pwede pumalag ? ,as if talo ka na kasi nga ikaw 20 palang sya 40 na? More experience? bakit ? Bakit ? “MAS MATANDA?” mas nauna nyang nakita ang estatwa ni jose rizal sa luneta kesa sayo ?that’s totally inhuman ! for me that’s so unfair, remember that we are all straight and everyone ; ke bata ,matanda ,ka edad should be treated fairly.

If you are fighting for what is right ,  if you are fighting for your RIGHTS , you don’t have to be afraid of  defending yourself regardless of whether that person is much older than you ,much richer or whatever. God Created Human Fairly, then live fairly.

if you are a boss,of course you are respected by your staff ,if you're a mother or a father you are respected by your children , if you are the president you are respected by your countrymen that's something involuntary, BUT if you want that thing to be continuously present, if you want to be respected for life ; then be good and do your job and respect others as much as you want to be respected !  Well I am not talking about the "word" in general, because of course each and every one of us should be respected in any way, but in the same sense and the point is  if you want to be respected , then learn also learn how to respect others, keep in mind that respect is not imposed, you cannot force someone to respect you, but it is rather GAINED..


#inspired by someone who never respect me simply because i am younger .

  “ When  I talk to a farmer, I talk like a farmer , when I talk to a lawyer , I talk like a lawyer , when I talk to a prisoner , I’ll talk like a prisoner ,when i talk to an angel , i talk like an angel and when I talk to a killer , I might end up in jail“

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