Sunday, August 11, 2013

Seriously,BE PROUD

This insecurity  kills ;

Have you ever been in a situation, where you are so down, and you question almost everything in your life that seems to be imperfect, things that gives you headache and stress., these insecurities formed by nature, media, and people around you, these things that you knew perfectly beautiful to others but to you apparently not, if you do , then you are insecure , insecure to yourself,
 that sucks , that even kills you mentally and emotionally, well let me share with you one of the thoughts I got from a random quote I saw  from someone’s shirt  “BE HAPPY OF WHAT YOU GOT”, and yes indeed , be happy and… Just be happy,

 if you don’t have slim body , like what Victoria secrets models have , YOU ARE STILL SEXY, seriously eat whatever you want, you are still sexy ,if you are worried no one might like you , no one might ask you out, and date you , seriously those who will ask you out , is absolutely a prince, they will look at you for what you are, and not for what looks you’ve got.

If you think you are too old to do this , to do that , remember age is just a number ,I can learn swing even when im 60, tell yourself I can learn how to play piano even when im 40, I can do whatever I want  , I don’t care.
If you don’t have a car , if your savings  doesn’t meet her expectations ; then leave , you don’t have to prove anything for her to like you , after all you can earn what she ask for , but she , she  never  deserve to have you .
Is you are small, be proud , if you are too big , BE MORE PROUD,
If you can’t sing , SING It out Loud , yes sing like a pro, sing everywhere ,anywhere
If you want to dance , but you can’t ,then be someone else,sing ! , if you can’t then STILL DANCE ,dance like no one is looking at you , like thers no tomorrow,
If you don’t have that pointed nose , stand straight and say “yan ay dahil ,PINOY AKO !” atleast be proud of your ethnicity
If you have scars on your leg : wear shorts , wear minis don’t have to cover those, be proud and say “these are my coin collection” haha- oww you must be so rich :D
If you have that thick eyebrows, very pouty lips and, wow you must be very lucky beautiful , others needs to spent money to re-form those.
If your hair doesn’t fall down so well ,if it doesn’t go the way like on how in shampoo commercial girls hair does,seriously stop going to saloon every week , stop browsing the latest hair trend of kim chui ,or whoever, be proud because you don’t have to have a beautiful hair to look awesome , because you already are.
If you are not so stylish , if you can’t afford to buy those fancy dresses, wear your old  sneakers , shirt and a pair of jeans, because you don’t have to wear the most expensive dress to be a beauty queen , as long as you are comfortable you are Beautiful.
If you don’t have white skin ,If you have darker skin than everyone else, wear orange and  Be proud, seriously, stop buying those expensive soaps and lotions, those were chemicals ,believe me spent those money for somethin else buy FOOD !, Be Proud because God didn’t cook everyone so well, Haha
if you can’t afford to buy the latest gadget or the most expensive bag everyone has, then use the old ones , create new trend ,never ever follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you .
if you think you are too ugly for someone , Please be reminded you ARE So Beautiful to somebody else.

If you don’t believe it , You are amazing
If you don’t want to hear it , you are wonderful
When no one else say this : you are Fantastic!
When you never heard this : you are Great
And If you still don’t know, YOU ARE so BEAUTIFUL

 Karuray Ligaya xoxoxoxo

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