Saturday, February 1, 2014

w/ the dragon dancers .


Someone might ask, or claim I strike them through words, , I may be inspired by your violent act but This article do not pertain to “someone” , you will never find your name here, but if the shoe fits wear them.

“Insecurity is the Root of all Bad things in the world” 

I was victimized, I was hit behind , I was bullied and criticized, I was betrayed by the people I once called a “friend”, or even worst a Family ,and  I asked myself a million times , why?, what  have I done wrong ?, or did I ever did something really bad to deserve this ?,or is it just they were so entertained when they  make alliance and smash someone from behind? , Talk about rumors and Judging people?. What do they want? And if what they want finally happens? How will it affect their lives in a special way?, will they earn something? Money? Happiness? Love?, basically they are still just “Someone “ – someone you can never trust again .

These people I call Back stabbers, Insecure, Potential devils AND CHISMOSA.

 "What Goes around comes around thou, wait for your Karma , i'll be sitting here and ill be watching you"