Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dreary nights
mornings so blue
And i dont know what to do..

Saturday, August 9, 2014

one sided


I couldnt understand why am i good when it comes to giving advices to friends .I can even write a book or two.and conduct my own spiritual talks .but why is it that when it comes to my own issues i coudnt apply any of those words .
I guess the purpose of my existence is to make friends ok. Comfort them and make them realize how beautiful their lives are

Inspired by a friend who currently having her life crisis and heartbreaks. where she cant manage to do her job correctly and ends up getting in to trouble .as a very concern friend ofcourse i have to make her ok!and get her out of the coma she's having for a very long time... the heartbreak coma.

Getting attached to someone and falling deeply inlove , people  tend to give everything they have. Dedication. Love and everything they could give.and we all know that loving deeply causes two possible things that one should be ready for:
; to succeed or to fail. And not everybody are lucky enough to found love the soonest, for the people who fail they have to go through the pain and a process w/c i call the prerequisites of life..

2.let go
3.move on
4.start again happy.

-》Acceptance, the stage where u have to feel the pain . Its not going to be very long but i am warning u the pain is more painful than u ever thought .heavier than a wrestler .the scariest feeling than seeing a ghost. part of the process is to accept that we cannot control evrything and everyone. We canot force them to be the person we want them to be . Or force things
To happen the way we want it to .and most importantly Accept the fact that you are in pain . Never ever lie to urself that u are ok when u knew u are one of the victim of the wrecking ball. Well unless you wanted to keep the burden for the rest of your life ..

-》Let go.let it go just like in the song making it and passing the first level is going to be your prerequisite in the letting go process.after u have felt and absorbed all the pain .automatically your heart and mind will get used to it. But remember u dont have to store it longer inside. u have to release and let it go. For you to be able to do that you gotta be very very strong .not only in releasing the feeling but also letting go of the people that causes you pain . Its not going to be easy but remember you cannot keep someone who will prolong your agony. People that is unhealthy in your life just like fats in ur body should be released.

-》move on and start again.for some Moving on is never easy and starting again is very takes a lot of courage . But the secret is when u learn and pass the last processes these two are going to be very easy. Take it as a new chapter of your life. Where things are going to be more exciting . Create a bucket list and a vision board of everything u wanted to do but didnt have a chance to in the past years. Create something new and before u know it u just discovered an artist .an architect A designer maybe or someone u never knew u have inside you.

-》its funny how the ending part of the process was actually just the beginning of a new life the beggining of the real purpose of life... Happiness.

Karuray ligaya

Saturday, February 1, 2014

w/ the dragon dancers .


Someone might ask, or claim I strike them through words, , I may be inspired by your violent act but This article do not pertain to “someone” , you will never find your name here, but if the shoe fits wear them.

“Insecurity is the Root of all Bad things in the world” 

I was victimized, I was hit behind , I was bullied and criticized, I was betrayed by the people I once called a “friend”, or even worst a Family ,and  I asked myself a million times , why?, what  have I done wrong ?, or did I ever did something really bad to deserve this ?,or is it just they were so entertained when they  make alliance and smash someone from behind? , Talk about rumors and Judging people?. What do they want? And if what they want finally happens? How will it affect their lives in a special way?, will they earn something? Money? Happiness? Love?, basically they are still just “Someone “ – someone you can never trust again .

These people I call Back stabbers, Insecure, Potential devils AND CHISMOSA.

 "What Goes around comes around thou, wait for your Karma , i'll be sitting here and ill be watching you"

Thursday, November 21, 2013

How do you want your next five years to be ?
do you wanna have a lot of car ? a mansion ?
do you wanna go somewhere else?do you wanna travel the world?
do you wanna get married?and have kids ?
do you wanna be  promoted in your job?
do you wanna get million dollars?

 When i was asked how do i want my next five years to be ? , i simply answer , i just wanted to be alive and continue living, i wanted to create new happiness, keep the old ones,catch my dreams and be contented on what i got  .being alive and continue living  means.basically  i wanted to get married,wear long beautiful gown,and have lots and lots of kids,i wanted to get married but most importantly i wanted to be a Wife and a Mother, i wanted to have a car,a brand new one,but its never important for me having a lot , just having one that can bring me and my family to any places we want to, i wanted to have my own house ,with a Big beautiful kitchen, and a stunning Garden ,  but never wanted to have a mansion,  rather i dreamed having a Home,.., i wanna go somewhere else with someone i love, i wanna travel the world and see breathtaking places , i never dream of being promoted in my Job , instead i wanted to have my own Business, where i dont have to be the staff , and rather be the Boss,i never dream having bank accounts or million dollars, i just need money i can spend while i am alive.

Fulfilling your dreams and being contented in your life is Happiness,

xx, karuray ligaya ♥
At some point , you've just got to jump
you've got to quit being scared of the "what if's" and the" maybe's"
and just fucking jump, quit thinking of what other people might comment
quit cheating yourself out of the best thing that could ever happen 
to you, and just fall, fall hard, fall long 
and fall forever ..