Sunday, July 21, 2013

Something new

I want something new ,
want something different .i want new people in my life , I want to do somethings else
something I havent done before ,
I want to do things I will love or things I love for a long time , 
and havent got the chance to
i want to do things,i will never get tired of , even for the longest of time
even forever
I wanna be somebody else,
for I am never ordinary
for I never try to fit in
I want my voice to be heard ,
I want my ideas to be considered ,
I want to do things that will creat a big impact in the next generation
things that will live forever
things I am going to be proud of myself,
things that will make my family proud and everyone who knows me .
I wanted to do things that will make me happy and afterall get paid to 
something else..
i don't know what, but someth'n else.


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