Friday, August 9, 2013

if i am going to be a wife

If I am going to be a wife, I’ll be a good one,
I need to learn everything, from day 1 to each and  every day of our lives
I will learn how to cook and prepare things for him,
My husband will be the luckiest guy in the world; every day will be the most wonderful days of his life,
I’ll make sure that every morning, he’s got he’s coffee as warm as my love
I will kiss him in the forehead, each time he’s headed to work, as a sign of a great day ahead,
While I will save those kisses in his lips, when he comes back.
I will never get tired massaging, when his back aches,
Every Sunday will be our day; we will go out and date
Like it’s the first time.

when he is having a bad day
When no one listen to him, when everyone is against him ,
i will hug him tight , and I will make him reminded that no matter how fucked up he is outside,
There will always be someone waiting for him,  who will understand,
Who will listen, and will never turn her back , when everyone does,

When he is sick , I’ll be his doctor,
When he is confused and in doubt I’ll be he’s adviser
When is in trouble I’ll be his prosecutor
I’ll do my duties beyond on what I have promised
But most importantly I’ll be his very best friend.

And when he is doing something and fail,
I will always be there to say “honey you did great!”
I will always be proud of him,
I will always be there up to his success,
I promise I will never leave

I will fill our home, with lots of photographs
To remind us on how great our lives together,
I am not domesticated women, but it’s going to be a pleasure washing his clothes,
Preparing his breakfast up to his supper,
I’ll be happy to serve him all day with love.

If I am going to be a wife,
I want my husband to look at the world, on how I looked at it, parallel, wonderful and easy
In this way, we live a happy life, with no worries,
we might fight for little things, or even the Big One’s
But, there will be no problem that won’t be fixed, before the day ends.
No matter how difficult it is.
There will be no dull moments,,
Every day is as precious as our wedding day
The only tear that will shed, will be tears of Joy.

We will be family to each other’s family,
He’s friends will also be my friends,
He doesn't have to look at others because I’ll be the most beautiful wife in the world,

He will never ever ask for more, there will be no regrets, because I’ll make sure that he got everything he ask for,
 I am going to treat him like a king, for I know I am going to be his one and only Queen,

As the time pass by , as we grow older,
As Our hair turns gray, and even if he gets bald,
When the wrinkles strike our foreheads
When photographs fade
When everything gets old.
I promise my love will always be as good as new,
I promise to be the wife he asked for
And I promise to be the women , he wanted to share his life with forever…

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