Friday, July 19, 2013


Love  is everywhere
But with Unspoken words …
Love usually exists  but do not live, 
 walk but never pass an inch,
just like a robot, 
a robot with no batteries
,Love  usually say a word but never speak,
 sing but never create a sound 
,Like a guitar with no string, 
or a drum with no stick 
,Life less , meaning less .
 We sometimes search for its existence
 , we sometimes ask
 ,I was dating since I was 15 
, where is he ?, is she at the mall ,
 does she wear a pink stilettos?
Is he a friend?, 
or a stranger I haven’t met ?
We all search for it ,
We all demand for a love that will never get tired,
a love that will understand and will never betray
 a love that will last a life time . 
some people found it , 
Some still searching for it 
Some doesn't know love exactly is in front of them 
,in every walk,IN EVERY TALK ,
 in every long  Jeepney ride ,in every smiles , 
or in every cries 
Love is everywhere 
in the neighbourhood, sitting at the bench , at the park , 
love is in every visit , 
in every gatherings, birthday parties , 
LOVE is surely there Love connects people ,
Love break the  rules , 
love makes us so stupid ,
Love makes us so intelligent ,
love gives hope love creates a new word, 
gives a new vowel ,
love writes a poem ,love makes a girl beautiful ,
love gives a little rain, and creates a rainbow, 
love arrives  in just a blink of an eye ,
love also vanish in just a snap.
love is selfish  ,love is foolish 
,love provokes , love forgives 
love correct mistakes ,
it gives us hundred reasons to smile ,
thousand reasons to cry ,and millions of reasons to live…
 it may come and go , it may stay for a long time ,
maybe just a visit ,temporary, 
maybe just one chapter of your life ,
but when love comes ,allow it to read 
every word .allow it to enter the deepest thoughts ,
to hold every breath, to capture every moment ,
to give melody to a song .allow it to enter your heart . 
love is everywhere ,
 you may not notice it,
your heart will be twisted , you will see fireworks ,butterflies in your tummy
snow in summer , day in the night will see yourself insane , smiling and crying at the same time ..and before you know it …you've found what you been searching for all your life ,

 Love ..


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