Sunday, July 21, 2013

Everyone is a mystery be fascinated

Happiness ,Love,Family,Dreams and all about Life, the perfect way to describe this Sunday , started the day listening to Bo Sanchez Words of Wisdom, and i just thought that this weeks topic is perfect for me, though i am not gonna elaborate word by word anymore,i just would  like to share thoughts i got first from the preach , and the other from the film ;

 "Everyone is a mystery be fascinated" each person you knew , is God's way of showing what your purpose in this world is ,each person who enters your life is a mystery, people met not only by chance but for a purpose .

"When you learn How to Die , You'll Learn How to live"perfect to describe what YOLO means ,  :actually i got this line first from the Book TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE, thesame as how the movie TUHOG Shows, Live Life to the fullest .


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