Friday, July 19, 2013


And then there’s this guy, who made a difference, in her life
It’s so funny how he do extremely nothing at all, but in a very extraordinary way , he helped her move on
He never notices and she doesn’t know why.
But every time they talk, there’s an unexplainable feeling,
Awkward it may seems, but they both enjoy it
When she is totally pissed, thoughts of him save the moment!
Good thing , he never leave her mind
She gets inspired by him,
She misses him every time she doesn’t see him
She never gets insecure, but every time she see him talk to other girl
She gets jealous,
She remember everything
She remember the first time she saw him, the first time he saw her,
first hellos
The first Good Morning text.  up to the first Goodnights
The first phone call she got from him.
 The first time they talk , they walk , the first time he holds her ..
She always remember how he made her world turn up side down
That day they kiss., the perfect first kiss
He might forget but she will always remember that day when fireworks are present in the air
He said “I love you”
She’s got a crush with his lips, she is so attracted in his eyes , but..
When people ask why ? ,she simply  smile, and say “i don’t exactly know why “
She whisper , maybe this is just how wonderful things work out.
But then she thought , They are far from being a couple,
 less than lovers but more than a friend,
There are things unlearned, they sometimes doesn’t understand,
There are words left unspoken ,
Days pass by.
Some things change
Things might have been different now,
Their phones are not ringing anymore
Something’s gone, just  like an old guitar, lack with string.
Like a river with no swan, like a no shoes run ..
Incomplete and painful
But then she thought  ..
“somethings might be different now, but that feeling ,that unexplainable thing they have will always last forever..”


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